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The image leads to the Exico.Io Cookie Policy.

Click on the image to review the EXICO.IO cookie policy.


The image leads to the Exico.Io homepage

Click on the image above to go to the Exico.Io homepage


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Setting Up Your Account:

Get the referral link of your referrer to get started.

Find and click on the “Get Started” button see red arrow above right.

You will see the following on your screen:

Enter your best email and create a strong password. Write this information down on hard copy. Read the Exico Privacy Policy & Terms Of Service before entering the ‘Captcha.’ in the case above, the captcha is CNPV.

Click on ‘Register.’

And the following will appear:

Go to your email and find the mail from Exico. Mark it safe by moving it to your ‘Inbox’ or ‘Primary’ folder.

Click on the Blue link in your email to complete the registration.

You are now ready to Log In (above).

Click the login button and the following will appear:

Enter your best email that you used to create your account and enter the password that you chose.

Now enter the captcha which is in the example above, 5STD and click on login.

There will be a pop-up which asks you to subscribe to the site for news and updates.

I subscribed to get news and updates because this company is new to me. I can always unsubscribe if what they send me is not relevant.

The Home page of the platform looks pretty straight forward.

Your affiliate code is included (See the three red arrows above. At the moment the Exico exchange supports 10 cryptocurrencies.

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Exico Back Office



    • Hi, successbiz.

      If by what you mean by ‘Are you in?’ that I have set up an Exico.io account, then Yes, I have an Exico Account.

      From what I understand, every distributor or monthly paid member of HRI will require one in order to trade/exchange vaultress against bitcoin and other alternative currencies.

      The instructions for account setup are available to you here below:

      Thank you for stopping by.

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